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Organisational Culture and Climate Surveys

Create positive, lasting change for your organisation by understanding your organisation''s current state by using ODG Solutions' model for assessing climate and culture. A number of approaches are employed to understand the fundamental successes and challenges your organisation is facing, in order to offer you a clear diagnosis of the areas that need addressing. Many organisational surveys fail because there is no follow up and no accountability to the areas that need to be fixed. ODG will support action planning post survey to ensure that your organisation can rollout initiatives agreed upon.

Action planning post survey is supported to ensure that your organisation can rollout the initiatives agreed upon. We also assist with client relationship surveys. This has been highly successful in facilitating a gap analysis between internal perceptions and client perceptions of your business.

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Group and Team Diagnostics

Team Diagnostics are highly valuable when supporting divisional or team planning, as well as identifying the root-cause of team dysfunction. At ODG we have a number of different team diagnostics and can discuss with you the best diagnostic tool that will give your team the results it desires. Team planning sessions offer reflective dialogue and constructive debate to enable a high performing team.

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Individual Diagnostics

Individual profiling offers a number of key benefits. Personality profiles or 360 Degree Assessments can offer individuals insight that can transform how they see themselves, the people around them and their current and future context. Whilst acting as a personal and professional development mechanism, assessment tools can also help to generate performance development plans to improve their workplace effectiveness.
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Organisational Reviews

One main reason organisations constantly fail with their endeavours is due to the lack of reflection and reviewing of projects, experiences and initiatives and therefore make the same mistakes over and over again. At ODG we help with reviews of organisational effectiveness, project success and other initiatives that need to be reviewed and critiqued.