Mark Jeffery and
ODG Solutions

With a background in Work and Organisational Psychology, Mark and his team at ODG Solutions are sought after to help organisations with their Business Development, Organisational Culture, Leadership and Strategy needs.


Professional Selling and
Business Development

For service based industries, we help individuals and teams build the right psychology around selling, develop the right strategies to take to market, and build skills that get results. We will also help you to build a business development culture so that everyone plays a role, and everyone is playing their strengths.

Live Event Training
for Professionals

Organisation Culture
and Leadership

Mark and his team work with organisations and individuals to build desired organisational cultures. This is not the superficial, fluffy culture that we sometimes see marketed. We apply a multifaceted approach with our own models and methodologies for lasting change. At the heart of any change initiative are strong, effective leaders. We offer one-on-one and group based coaching and facilitation for leaders and leadership teams.

ODG Solutions

Specialists in bespoke, effective development programs that get fast and high
impact results for individuals and businesses.